Photographer  Buck CashHi there!  My name is Buck Cash, and I’m the “Buck” in ShutterBuck.

Born in 1959 and raised in the suburbs of the Detroit area in a typical hard working blue collar family, I had an interest in art and photography from an early age.  At 9 I got introduced to the family’s Polaroid  and the neighbor’s Yashica Twin Lens Reflex camera.  I instantly got the “bug”, started saving my pennies, and bought my first camera at age 10.  So began a lifelong and continuing educational journey through a world of light, shadow and composition, and the art of capturing images on film, and now digitally.

Over those 40+ years, I’ve studied and honed my skills in a never-ending commitment to always look for ways to improve my craft, to find new techniques to explore and adopt, and to never settle for ‘good enough’.

The Transition To Full Time Photographer

While my heart was committed to art and photography, I made my living as an engineer and project manager in the telecommunications construction industry.  Over the course of that 30+ year career, I traveled all over the United States, giving me the opportunity to visit and shoot photos that are now a part of my stock collection, to hone my skills with portraiture and product photography, and to develop a small side business in photography.

In 2012, I settled in beautiful Northern Michigan and began to pursue my real labor of love full time.

Related Education And Achievements

Over the years I’ve taken many courses in photography, art, composition, lighting, darkroom techniques and digital imaging and editing, achieving expert certifications.  But the real classroom and tests are found in the day to day experiences encountered in more than 40 years worth of shooting all manner of subjects in all kinds of circumstances, both in and out of the studio.

In addition to prints displayed in homes and businesses across the United States, my work has found it’s way into several publications, is used in brochures and periodicals for a wide range of products, services and subjects, can be found in calendars and on book covers, is widely seen on Google Earth, and featured on many web sites.